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Texas Association for Interior Design (TAID) is an advocacy group speaking as a single unified voice on legislative issues which affect the business of interior design in Texas.
Texas Association For Interior Design

What is PAC and why should I contribute?

There seems to be continual confusion about what is PAC. Some even think it is misspelled! PAC stands for Political Action Committee. It is one of the committees appointed by your board.

Why Do We Need It? As the legislative process evolved, there was concern that the large corporations, through their huge donations to the election campaigns, were able to assert too much influence on our legislation bodies. In an effort to solve this (theoretically) ending the corporation's hold on the legislation.

This action precipitated the birth of the Political Action Committees; PACs cannot accept funds from corporations. Corporations can still form PACs and the employees of these corporations may give personal donations to their PACs. Additionally, groups of individuals with similar concerns can join forces to help influence the legislature to understand their point of view through PAC donations.

The Texas Association for Interior Design (TAID) was formed as a result of a group of concerned interior designers getting together to protect the future of the design profession. Over the years, it became apparent that we needed our own Political Action Committee.

It is the responsibility of TAID-PAC to raise its own funds. The PAC CANNOT receive any funds directly from TAID general funds. All PAC money must be from personal checks made to TAID-PAC. These PAC dollars go to contributions to the legislators that are supportive of our political agenda, and they are typically used for election campaigns.

On the state level, these legislators work for around $7,200 per session. Therefore, they need help to fund their elections. Other similar professions, i.e. the architects, raise close to $60,000 for their PAC per legislative session. If we are to participate in the political process and protect our profession, we must raise more money for our TAID-PAC.

Each of the four regional divisions of TAID has a representative dedicated to raising funds for TAID-PAC. If each member of TAID wrote a non-corporate (personal or un-incorporated) check to TAID-PAC today for a minimum of $25.00, we would have over $30,000 that we would use to educate legislators about our business and encourage their support. This is a small price to pay to protect our future ability to work at our profession in the future!


DESIGNPAC supports legislators and statewide officeholders who have supported or shown an attitude of support to the profession of interior design.

It is critical that we not only retain these people in public service but also continually recruit and elect new supporters of the profession.

Platinum Level  
$100.00 per month
$300.00 per quarter
Gold Level  
$50.00 per month
$150.00 per quarter
Silver Level  
$25.00 per month
$75.00 per quarter
Bronze Level  
$20.00 per month
$60.00 per quarter
Copper Level  
$15.00 per month
$45.00 per quarter

This method of support allows you to spread your commitment over a period of twelve months or even quarterly if that is a better fit for you.

One time Donation   


It allows DESIGNPAC an even and predictable level of strength so that we can better plan our strategy over the span of the election cycle. And what's more is you don't have to do a thing – we can automatically charge your credit card, Master Card or Visa as you choose (annually, quarterly or monthly or once).

Call the office today 281-257-3523, or email us at donna@supporttaid.org, to make your pledge.

We need your commitment NOW. Thanks!!

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What is PAC?


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